Deep underwater shark cave

  • Fully implemented and working lightmaps
  • Dungeon has 2 different stages, each level has several missions
  • Solo, group or both together
  • More info below

Without quest

With quest

Marine costumes

  • Hair (Hats) are included
  • Icons are included

With wolfman

Without wolfman

Seashell weapon skins

  • Icons are included

With wolfman

Without wolfman

Desert camel

Magical whale

Violet ocean horse

Blue ocean horse

Pirate parrot

Inflatable fish

Lord turtle

Koala pet

Shark boss 2

Shark boss 1

Shark stone

Underwater stone

Clam stone

Shark monster 4

Shark monster 3

Shark monster 2

Shark monster 1


[Dungeon] Lost Island

  • Dungeon has 5 levels. Each level has more than 1 quest
  • Size of the map is 3×4
  • Solo or group
  • Version without quest doesn’t inlcudes  NPCs (Bomb box, Lady pirate, etc..). Inluces only 1 stone

Without quest

With Quest

[Map] Lost Island

  • Map contains all mobs and 2 stones.
  • Size of the map is 3×4

Summer 2019 weapons

With claw / + Effect

Without claw / + Effect

Summer 2019 sashes

Ocean beast

Ocean deer mount

Camel mount 2

Camel mount 1

Sea pixie pet

Sea creature pet

Mermaid pet

King of ocean

Ocean stone

Beach stone

Water nightmare

Jungle lizard

Ocean naga

Deep water ogre

Ocean lobster

Forest lobster

Beach lobster

Toxic coral creature

Red coral creature

Blue coral creature


Summer map 2018

  • All mobs you can see on the video are included
  • Size of the map is 4×4

Nightmare shark mount

Flame shark mount

Shark mount

Water melon hat

Summer 2018 skins

Crab boss

Water stone

Sea beast

Lobster 2


Summer map 2017

  • This pack doesn’t contain any mobs
  • Size of the map is 3×3

Bee general

Evil bee soldier

Bee soldier

Fish monster 2

Fish monster 1