Gaya shop (edited)

Admiral costumes

  • Hair (Hats) are included
  • Icons are included
  • Password for .rar –


Signal fire rework

Gold dragon costumes

  • Hair are included
  • Icons are included

Santa boss + Snowball stone

Christmas blacksmith boss

Halloween broom mount

Green dragon valley

  • This pack including all client and server parts
  • All files pare prepared in final folders

Valentine heart stone

Moon cave pack

  • Contains full client and server part
  • I don’t offer support for it

Blue death skills

Blue death room

  • The boss room is placed in official devil tower map

Christmas 2016 NPC

Halloween barrel

  • Contains 2 barrels. 1 with pumpkin inside and one without. Good for “Find the pumpkin” event

Naga pack

  • Including 4 naga monsters and 1 naga boss with all effects