Ruins of Atlantis

Important informations

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers and other settings are easy to set in LIB file of the dungeon
  • C++ required

Dungeon info

Stage 1

  • Kill all monsters to spawn 4 pillars
  • All 4 pillars must be destroyed:
    – Destroy a shell stone to drop a key
    – Use that key to destroy a pillar
    – Kill a boss
    – Repeat that 4x 
    – Pillar must be destroyed in exact order, the position of the pillar can be random. If you try to destroy wrong pillar, you have to destroy the shell stone again until you find the right    one

Stage 2

  • 3 bosses are spawned, find the real one
    – For each fake boss you get negative points. Those negative points will affect time you have to kill final boss
  • Kill all monsters
  • Destroy 8x stone
  • KIll final boss
    – You have only limited time to kill him (Time is affected by negative points you collect at first stage of this level). If you wont kill him within this time, boss dissapear and you have to destroy a stone to be able to spawn him again.
    – Repeat that until you kill the boss or the dungeon timer is over and dungeon is ended
  • Chest is spawned, take a reward