• Shown price [15€] is for set without claw! Set with claw is cost 20€
  • If there is special effect for weapons, it’s +5€
  • You need granny 2.9!!
  • If you don’t know how to add the effect to an armor, use THIS system
  • Database data are not in the pack

White magic weapons

Dark magic weapons

Easter/Spring 2020 weapons

Steampunk set

Valentine 2020 weapons

Christmas 2019 weapons

Halloween 2019 weapons

Set of gods

Posion set

Magma set

Demon set

Easter set 2018

Valentine set 2019

Ice weapons set

Christmas set 2018

Gold weapons set

Halloween set 2018

Underwater weapons

Summer weapons 2018

Ice wind set

Valentine weapon set

Blue nightmare set

Nightmare set

Nature set

Christmas 2017 set

Halloween weapons 2017

Frozen dragon set

Red dragon set

Nephrite set

Dark dragon set

Bloody set

Set of goodness

Set of evil

Crystal eagle set

Star dragon set

Monster set 2

Monster set

Ice set

Devil set