Pirate cave

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo

Dungeon info:

  • There is a timer for whole dungeon
  • If players have this item:

the timer for whole dungeon will be longer (You can set it in LIB file)

Stage 1

  • Kill all monsters to get an item. Use this item to destroy a pillar. You get an item from the pillar. Use it to destroy Box with bombs. First boss is spawned, kill him!
  • Repeat that 4x!
  • After that, destroy 8 stones in defined time (12 minutes by deafult). If you don’t destroy  in that time, final boss will have 30% more HP)

Stage 2

  • There are 4 Boxes with treasure. You have to empty them and take that gold from it.
  • Destroy stone to spawn a wave of monsters. Kill all monsters to drop an item. Use that item to empty the chest.
  • Repeat that 4x for each chest
  • Kill the boss
  • Take a reward from spawned chest