Ghost pirate ship

Important informations

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers and other settings are easy to set in LIB file of the dungeon
  • C++ required, new quest functions

Dungeon info

Level 1

Stage 1

  • 5 Metinstones spawned (Explosive barrels)
  • Destroy the right Explosive Barrel to gain a Cannon ball
  • Use the Cannon ball to load up the cannon and strike the Teleport statue (kill the teleport statue and spawn nex tone – Teleport statue – Low 1 instead. Kill cannon aswell)
  • False Barrel will spawn a regen of monsters (regen_1f_mobs.txt)
  • Attack on other Barrels can’t be done while monsters are present. Kill them all.
  • 2nd false barrel increase the last 3 Barrels HP by 10%
  • 3rd false barrel increase the weapon def of the last 2 Barrels by 5%
  • 4th false barrel reduce ATK speed of the player by 10%

Stage 2

  • 1. boss spawned
  • At 20%HP the boss calls for a regen of monsters (regen_2f_mobs.txt)
  • Boss to have dmg immune till the monsters are not dead
  • When all monsters are dead, kill the boss. Collect the Cannon Ball, and fire it to the teleport Statue. (Kill the statue and spawn Teleport statue – Low 2 instead. Kill the cannon aswell)

Stage 3

  • 3 metinstones spawned (Krakren’s barrels)
  • Each Barrel provides 1 positive and 1 negative bonus.
  • 2 Barrels have to be destroyed.
  • 1st barrel
    +10% Strong against monsters
    -5% defense against monsters
  • 2nd barrel
    -20%ATK speed
  • 3rd barrel
    +10% chance to block close combat
    -8% Poison chance
  • After 2 Power Barrels are destroyed, spawn the 2. boss
  • At 30% HP spawn 4 very strong Archer monsters with high HP
  • They increase the boss defense significally. Kill them to get the def to normal
  • When the boss is killed Collect the Cannon Ball, and fire it to the teleport Statue
  • Clear whole dungeon and set 10s timer for jump into next floor.

Level 2

  • Spawn the final boss
  • Add dmg boost to the boss at every 20%
  • 80%. +5% chance to block close combat
  • 60% +2% HP reg
  • 40% +10% def against all weapons
  • 20% +20%ATK increase
  • When boss is killed, treasure chest is spawned
  • PLayers can choose if they want reward or bonus floor

Level 3 (Bonus floor)

  • 4 chests are spawned
  • Players have 4 minutes to destroy as many as possible (drops must be set by you)