Halloween dungeon 2019

  • All monsters and bosses are included
  • Version without quest doesn’t contains all npcs and items! Also, only 1 stone

With quest

Without quest

Halloween cities 2019

  • All 3 cities are included

With NPCs and flying pumpkins

Without NPCs and flying pumpkins

Halloween costumes

  • Hair are inlcuded

With lycan

Without Lycan

Halloween 2019 sashes

Halloween 2019 weapons

Skeleton lord pet

Pumpkin ghost

Halloween skeleton pet

Halloween lion

Skeleton bird

Halloween dark horse

Halloween stone

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween knight

Grave priest boss

Skeleton general

Skeleton bowman

Skeleton warrior

Halloween tree

Pumpkin flower

Pumpkin warrior

Undead troll


Halloween map 2018

  • Size of the map is 4×5

Skeleton hound

Halloween horse

Halloween weapons 2018

Grave golem pet


Halloween map 2017

  • Size of the map is 4×5

Halloween set 2017

Halloween sashes 2017