Skeleton dragon

Atlantis elite

Atlantis guard

Flesh golem

Gibbering souls

Mighty dark mage

Ancient Andun ruler

Ghost of Santa

Cursed Santa's helper

Snow demon

Halloween king


Grave Master

Lava troll

Ash dragon

Undead fire king

Am-Ani king

Forest golem

Ancient ruin giant

Ghost of Absolem

Main palace guardian

Bewitched chesire cat

Candy man


Witch of love

Evil snowman

Big christmas trent

Three headed demon

Deaths punisher

Shark boss 2

Shark boss 1

Desert boss 3

Desert boss 2


Desert boss 1

Magic troll

Sweet creature


Enchanted naga

Christmas boss 3

Christmas boss 2

Gold dragon

Halloween knight

Grave priest boss

Nightmare destroyer

Nightmare monster

Fear dragon

Skeleton king

Dead tyrant

Plague originator

Plague dragon

Plague monster

Garden tyrant

Evil big plant

Big plant

Christmas 2018 boss

Ku'thal boss