Price for full 2019 easter pack is 130€ [Includes full dungeon, all skins, pets and mounts]
If you need some changes i will make price for you

Easter dungeon

  • Version without quest includes all monsters and stones, DOESN’T includes any npc or animated object for quest
  • Dungeon has 4 different levels
  • Solo or group dungeon
  • Cooldown is set to 60 minutes

Without quest

With quest

Easter costumes

– Hair are included in the price

Without wolfman

With wolfman

Easter weapon skins

Without wolfman [Effects +5€]

With wolfman [Effects +5€]

Easter sashes

– Pack includes 4 models of sashes

Rabbit mount 2

Rabbit mount 1

Young chicken pet

Easter rabbit pet

Easter stone

Easter egg 2

Easter egg 1

Easter boss

Easter mob 5

Easter mob 4

Easter mob 3

Easter mob 2

Easter mob 1

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