Deep underwater shark cave

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

  • Kill all monsters to proceed
  • Destroy all stones within defined time (15 minutes by default) or you will be teleported out of dungeon
  • Kill first boss. If you won’t kill him within defined time (4 minutes by default), aggressive monsters will appear and its much harder to kill the boss

2. Floor

  • Click to pillar in the middle of next room to proceed
  • Kill defined amount of monsters (500 by default)
  • Kill second boss. You can not kill it be weapon, all defenses are set to 100%! There are 8 clam stones, you can drop clam item from each stone. One of these clams can kill the boss. So destroy the stones until you find the right clam.
  • Kill all monsters in both rooms.
  • Destroy 4x stone, each stone will spawn the first boss after its destroyed!
  • Kill final boss