Halloween hollow

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • There are a few c++ addons in server source for the boss spawn animation

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

  • There are monsters and 4 graves (you can’t destroy them at this point)
  • You have to kill all monsters in the stage to get an item that activates the graves, so you can destroy it
  • Destroy all graves – Each grave will spawn a first boss after you destroy it. Every other boss that is spawned has more HP than the previous one. (Amount of HP is set in LIB file) 
  • You have to destroy the graves and kill the bosses in defined time
  • Kill all monsters again (There are some harder monsters this time)
  • Kill second boss

2. Floor

  • 4 empty pillars are spawned – your mission in this floor is put pumpkin to all of them
  • For the first one – destroy a pumpkin with massive amount of HP
  • For the second one – kill all monsters
  • For the third one – find and destroy the right pumpkin
  • For the last one – kill 2 waves of monsters
  • Final boss is spawned. There is a timer, the boss must have 50% or less when the timer is at the end, or he dissapears, regenerate all his HP and spawn again.
  • After the boss is killed, all players will recieve a reward item