Jiangshi's temple

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All data (bonuses, timers, etc) are easy to set or edit in LIB file of the dungeon

Dungeon info:


  • 2 levels
  • 2 items required (Jiangshi amulet)
  • Item to reset the dungeon waiting timer immidiately
  • Items to give bonus inside the dungeon:
    • Red Jiangshi potion
      • +10% Strong against Monsters ( During dungeon only)
    • Blue Jiangshi potion
      • +5% AVG damage ( During dungeon only)
    • White Jiangshi potion
      • +10% Skill damage resistance ( During dungeon only)
    • Yellow Jiangshi potion
      • +15% Max.HP ( During dungeon only)
  • Maximum limit of deaths in the dungeon – 10
  • Time limit for whole dungeon (30 minutes)
  • Time limit to be able to do bonus floor (20 minutes)
  • Waiting time until next dungeon (1 hour)

Level 1

Stage 1

  • Dungeon starts after 10 seconds in dungeon
  • 4 stones are spawned (Jinagshis coffin). Destroy all of them. Aggressive monsters are present during whole stage
  • After each coffin is destroyed, players get big damage (30% of total HP) and boss is spawned.
  • While the boss is spawned, players can’t destroy other coffins
  • Each additional boss has 4% higher HP recovery
  • Last boss to give an item to build Jiangshi seal

Stage 2

  • 2nd boss is spawned
  • At 20% of HP the boss spawns a regen of agressive monsters. Also get Stoneskin (50% less dmg by players) and Berserk falgs
  • Boss has dmg immune till all monsters are dead
  • When monsters are dead, kill the boss and collect an item and decorate Jiangshi seal

Stage 3

  • 5 stones are spawned
  • Find and destroy the correct one
  • Each false stone to dissapear at 30% of HP and gives players malus of attack speed -10
  • When correct stone is destroyed, get item and activate the Jiangshi seal to destroy gate to second level
  • The malus is removed when the correct stone is destroyed

Level 2

Stage 1

  • 4 stones are spawned
  • Stones can be attacked until 50% HP is reached. After the HP are below 50%, stones get protection
  • Stones cannot be attacked when the shiled animation is activated
  • When all 4 stones has shield ON, Stage 2 starts

Stage 2

  • 3rd boss is spawned
  • At 60% of HP, the boss increases his chance to critical attack by 20%
  • At 30% of HP, the boss calls for 4 low bosses which gives him high defense
    • Each boss to give 5% DEF to the boss
  • Kill the low bosses to get the def to normal value

Stage 3

  • The 50% HP stones can be attacked again.
  • Destroy all to continue with Stage 4

Stage 4

  • Final boss is spawned
  • Immidiately calls for 3 temple zombies
  • Each zombie to give the following bonus to the Final boss:
    • +3% HP reg
    • +4% ATK
  • Kill the zombies to make final boss weaker
  • At 30% of HP, boss calls for wave of strong agressive monsters
  • At 10% of HP, the boss get Stoneskin (50% dmg less) and Berserk(20% DMG more)
  • After the boss is killed, chest is spawned
  • Players can pick reward
  • If players finished the dungeon in time limit for bonus floor, group leader can start the bonus floor

Bonus level

  • There is 4 minutes time limit for the bonus floor
  • 6 golden temple bells are spawned
  • They are respawning after few seconds
  • After 4 minutes, players are teleported out of dungeon