Bloody cathedral

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • There are a few c++ addons in server source for the boss spawn animation

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

Main floor goal – build an seal and activate it to destroy a door to second floor

  •  5 stones are spawned, you can destroy only half of the stone, do it
  • Boss is spawned. Kill him to drop an item, use this item to destroy first Angel statue
  • Destroy 5 damaged stones
  • Kill boss to get an item, destroy second Angel statue with this item
  • Build first part of the seal
  • Kill all monsters to get an item, then build last part of the seal
  • Kill boss, activate the seal
  • Proceed to second floor

2. Floor

Main floor goal – fill all calyxes with blood and kill final boss

  • Kill second boss to get an item, use the item to fill first calyx
  • Destroy a stone, then fill second calyx
  • Kill all monsters, then fill third calyx
  • Destroy 8x stone, then fill last calyx
  • Kill final boss
  • Take reward