Infected hole

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers are easy to set in LIB file of the dungeon

Dungeon info:

Stage 1

  • First stage must be finished in defined time (4 minutes by default)
  • Kill wave of monster to drop an item
  • Use the item to be able to destroy the spawned Rotten egg stones
  • Destroy all stones to drop an item
  • Kill the root gate and proceed to next stage

Stage 2

  • 3 Easter seals are spawned, you need to active all of them
  • First, kill Infected mole boss to drop first amulet
  • Activate the seal
  • Kill wave of monsters to spawn the Infected mole boss (Repeat that so all seals are activated)
  • Kill final boss (infected rabbit)
  • Accordingly to time you have finished the dungeon in, chest is spawned (There are 2 of them, Common and Rich one)