Spring Sanctuary

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers and data are easy to set or edit in LIB file of the dungeon
  • Few C++ addons

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

Stage 1

  • 4 stones are spawned, destroy them
  • After each destroyed stone, boss is spawned, kill the boss before you destroy another stone (if you destroy the stone before u kill boss, you have penalty points)
  • The more penalty points you have, the sooner protectors of the final boss will spawn

Stage 2

  • Kill all monsters to be able to pick a key
  • Use the key to open the door to 2nd floor

2. Floor

Stage 1

  • Two owl statues are spawned.
  • A big stone is spawned, which must be destroyed in 3 stages. After each part of the stone is destroyed, the stone becomes deactivated and monsters are spawned. Players have to kill all of the monsters to activate the stone again.
  • After the stone is destroyed, an item to destroy the owl statue is dropped

Stage 2

  • After the first statue is destroyed, the boss is spawned.
  • When the boss is killed, a wave of monsters is spawned. Players must kill all of them to get the item again.
  • Once the item is dropped, the second statue can be destroyed, and then the boss is spawned.

Stage 3

  • Final boss is spawned, kill him!
  • Depends on how many negative points you have, Fox archers will be spawned, they can attack players from big distance
  • By default fox archers will spawn when finall boss reach % of his HP
    – 1 negative point – 40% of HP
    – 2 negative points – 65% of HP
    – 3 negative points – 80% of HP