Wukong's mountains

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers and data are easy to set or edit in LIB file of the dungeon

Dungeon info:

Stage 1

  • Kill all monsters to spawn a stones
  • Stones are spawned, but you can’t destroy them yet
  • Kill a first boss to activate the stones and be able to damage them
  • Destroy all stones, you can destroy only half of them tho
  • Kill the first boss again to be able to destroy the rest of the stones
  • Destroy all stones to be able to spawn a bird egg stands

Stage 2

  • You can’t destroy the bird egg stands until you put the egg on it
  • Kill all monsters
  • Defeat a second boss to get the egg
  • Put the egg on the stand
  • Repeat that 3 more times (Each wave contains stronger monsters)
  • When all eggs are placed, destroy the eggs on the stands
  • Destroy all the stands

Stage 3

  • Wukong is spawned. Kill him
  • When Wukong has 50% of HP, 4 Immortal Peach Elixirs are spawned
    Each of them increase Wukong’s defense significantly
  • Destroy all of them to get Wukong’s defense to normal value
  • Take reward