Winterland dungeon

  • Server logo needed! You can’t get this dungeon without a server logo

Dungeon info

  • You can get Winterland elixir every 24 hours from NPC. With this item you have more time to finish the dungeon (You can change the duration in LIB file)
  • In whole dungeon you are able to drop socks (You set it to your server!), after the dungeon is done you can exchange those socks with christmas tree for gift boxes

1. Floor

  • Find and destroy 3 stones in limited time (5 minutes by deafult), otherwise the next 2 bosses will have much higher HP
  • Now you must destroy Frozen pillar in 3 stages. First and second stage are the same:
  • Kill all monsters to drop an item. Open Frozen door with this item and kill first boss – Snow demon to get an item for destroy the Forzen pillar.
  • Repeat that whole process
  • Destroy 6x stone to continue to next stage

2. Floor

  • Find and destroy Stolen sock (stone). You drop an item from it, use it to spawn 4 christmas trees.
  • Now you must decorate all of those christmas trees.
  • Kill wave of monster to spawn second boss – Cursed Santa’s helper. You will drop an item from it. Use it to decorate the trees.
  • Repeat that step 3x. You must finish it in limited time, otherwise Christmas chest wont be spawned in the end of the dungeon
  • Kill main boss in limited time (Otherwise you won’t be able to put socks to christmas trees)
  • You have limited time (40 second by deafult) to put socks on the tree and recieve a gift box.  You have 20% chance to get Rare giftbox (You have to set all drops by yourself, so it fits into your server.)