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[Valentine 2024] Abandoned circus is coming!

In a quiet town, there was an old circus, once filled with laughter and the sweet whispers of young love. It was a special place where couples held hands under the twinkling lights. But the circus owner, a man with a heavy heart, watched from the shadows, his soul aching with loneliness and envy. Driven by his solitude, he turned to ancient books of magic, thinking it might ease his pain. But the dark spells only grew the anger inside him. He became obsessed with the idea that if he couldn’t be happy, no one could. One night, as the circus buzzed with the joy of love-struck couples, he unleashed a powerful curse. But such dark magic comes at a price. The curse spiraled out of control, swallowing him and the circus in darkness. Today, the circus sits empty, hidden by time, its once vibrant life silenced. They say that the place is cursed, that the echoes of the past linger, hungry for the living. And so, the circus waits, lost to the world, a trap for the unwary, with no one ever leaving its ghostly big top.