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Summer – Pirate’s prophecy

Hey everyone! So the theme for the summer is picked and some stuff are done already!

Let me introduce my plan for the whole event step by step

Part 1 – Ghost ship dungeon. Hydra is not the only danger in the whole sea and there are also other dangerous creatures. Pirates, undead pirates.
I was thinking a lot about this, bcs in one hand, one ship dungeon is enough. On the other hand, it fits great the theme. For now, the main part of dungeon is done. I’m not sure if i stick to “one part dungeon” only, it means that the whole dungeon would be on the top of the ship just like hydra’s one, or i will make another room aswell. More and more customers prefer dungeons, where players dont have to be on several places, jump from one part of dungeon to another and rather do every task on one place. Something like i did with wukong.
I will see about that one, give me your opinions in chat or dm please, will be glad for that!

Part 2 – Mirage island – I have decided to make a farm map again, lots of people are asking for it. So this is kinda clear vision – island in the middle of sea with beaches around, little more green parts to the middle of the island, not a jungle tho. Big pirate cave part in the middle of the map. I’m not sure how big the map will be. 4×4 or 5×5 is more than enough i think. Will contains probably 3 bosses like my other farm maps.

Part 3 – Pirate cities – i will definitely make pirate cities design for the event. I think it will be cool to have pirate flags, bottle’s of rum or ship parts around the citis.

Part 4 – Costumes, mounts, pets…. Ofc there will be enough of those cosmetic stuff aswell. First preview of the costumes is already hanging in my discrod channel, you can check it. I’m not sure yet if i do both, but even if not, both looks great imo. Mounts and pets, doesnt need any explanation, will do my best to fit the theme but also be as various as possible.

Now, all the plans can change and due to my surgery. I keep talking about it over and over, it may be annoying, but i still dont have date and after surgery i wont be able to work for atleast 5 weeks since my hand will be in brace. This is large amount of time, especially for the summer event. So it will all depends on that aswell.

Thats all from me for now. Follow me for news, keep eyes on ⁠my discord to see what is going on.

Also, let me know your opinions or suggestions in dm or ⁠my discord chat.

Have a nice day!