Suffering souls dungeon

  • Server logo needed! You can’t get this dungeon without a server logo
  • Little C++ addons

Dungeon info

  • All timers can be easily set in LIB file of the quest (It will also affect dungeon notices with these timers)
  • Only leader of the group needs ticket this time
  • Read Information.txt from the RAR file, important info is there

1. Floor

  • Destroy defined count of stones (15 minutes by deafult) in limited time (10 minutes by deafult). If you wont, 8 seals will be spawned instead of 4 in next mission
  • Kill monsters until you spawn seals (If you sucesfully destroyed stones in defined time, 4 seals will spawn, if you didnt, 8 of them)
  • Find the correct seal. If you click to the wrong one, first boss (Gibbering souls) is spawned. Kill him to be able to click to another seal. Do this until you find the correct one
  • Kill second boss
  • Speak with NPC – All members need another ticket to get into 2nd floor

2. Floor

  • You CAN’T DIE in this floor, if you will, dungeon is over
  • Destroy a stone in defined time (4 minutes by deafult). If you wont, dungeon is over. It can spawn both of the previous bosses.
  • Kill 2 waves of monsters. The second one is harder than the first one.
  • Kill the final boss. You can damage it for limited time (30 seconds by deafult). After 30 seconds, stone is spawned and defense of the boss is really HIGH. Destroy the stone to be able to damage the boss for 30 seconds again.


  • After the final boss is killed, reward chest is spawned. You can get 3 different chests. It depends how quickly you finish the dungeon. 
    For example, timer for the dungeon is 30 minutes
    Finish it under 15 minutes – High chest
    Finish it under 20 minutes – Middle chest
    Finish it under 25 minutes – Low chest

    Once agian, all timers can be easily set in LIB file of the dungeon