Shadow tower

Important info:

  • Lightmaps are fully implemented
  • I’m not gonna give you this dungeon out without logo or server name placed in all dungeon rooms!
  • There are few C++ add-ons!
  • Some C++ knowledge is needed!
  • New raceflag SHADOW for monsters! 
  • New 3 potions which give you bonus Strong against shadow!
  • Package contains small 2×2 “teleport” map with the tower

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

Destroy 3 stones in defined time (5 minutes by deafult), otherwise you will be teleported out of dungeon

2. Floor

  1. First, you need to kill 2 waves of monsters to get a key and destroy 2 seals. (Each wave for each seal)
  2. After both seals are destroyed, you need to kill boss – Shadow king
  3. You have only defined time for both missions (10 minutes by deafult)

3. Floor

  1. There are 5 stones. One of them is real! Find it and destroy it.
    Each fake stone has first boss (Shadow king) inside!
  2. The more fake stones you destroy, the more HP will have boss (Shadow reaper) in next floor!

4. Floor

  1. Kill 3 wave of monsters to build a statue of Shadow reaper (You drop an item from each wave of monsters to build it up in 3 phases)
  2. After the statue is builded, second boss is spawned (Shadow reaper), kill it!
  3. You drop an item from Shadow reaper, put it to the statue and destroy it!
  4. You have limited time for all missions, 10 minutes by deafult

5. Floor

  1. Wander through corridors and find a stone! Then destroy it!
  2.  After you destroy the stone, third boss is spawned (Shadow death), kill it!
  3. You have only limited time for both missions (12 minutes by deafult)

6. Floor

  1. Now you need to destroy pillar and kill fourth boss (Shadow Azrael). Be careful! The pillar protect the Azrael, if you kill Azrael first, it will spawn again.
    You need to destroy the pillar first to be able to kill the Azrael.
  2. You can not die in this floor!! If you die, you failed and dungeon is over
  3. You have only limited time for this floor (7 minutes by deafult)
  4. All players need special item to be able to continue in dungeon, otherwise they will be teleport out of the dungeon

7. Floor

  1. Destroy 8 stones (every stone can spawn one or more first two bosses [Shadow king or Shadow reaper])!
  2. After that you have to kill fifth boss (Queen of suffering)

8. Floor

  1. Kill 3 waves of monsters to get an item and destroy a pillar (in 3 phases). Each wave drop item to destroy part of the pillar!
  2. After that you have to kill sixth boss (Abbadon)
  3. If you have Amulet and you use it before the boss is spawned, it will has less HP!

9. Floor

  1. Destroy a stone in limited time (4 minutes by deafult). If you won’t destroy it in limited time, you have to finish the next mission 2x!
  2. After the stone is destroyed, kill all monsters.
  3. Then, random boss from all previous floors is spawned
  4. Kill final boss in limited time (5 minutes by deafult)
  5. Chest is spawned and you can take a reward! If you have a key, you can put it to the chest and get smaller rewards.

New timer for the run

  1. Info about floor
  2. Info about remaining time
  3. Info about remaining time of active potion (if its active)

New bonus and potions

  1. New raceflag SHADOW for monsters
  2. New bonus Strong against Shadow (available only for the potions!)
  3. Potions can be used only in the dungeon

All timers, boss HPs and other stuff can be set easily in LUA setting of quest. It’s also important to set the monsters, bosses and stones really hard and balance it with the timers and with your own server style!

If you want customize this package (for example without quest, timer or anything), just let me know and we will discuss it.