Scorpion ruins

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo

Dungeon info:

  • There is a timer for whole dungeon
  • You need to activate 4 crystals in the arena
  • For activate each crystal, you need to kill Giant scorpion boss, after you activate the crystal, you have to finish one of 4 missions.
  • The Giant scorpion boss has more HP each time he is spawned agian!

1. Crystal

  • Kill wave of monsters (Weaker monsters)

2. Crystal

  • 8 stones are spawned
  • In 7 of them is special Skill book
  • Only 1 of them contains the right Skill book

3. Crystal

  • Kill 2 waves of monsters (Stronger monsters)

4. Crystal

  • Destroy 10x stone
  • Scorpion king is spawned, kill him!
  • After you kill the final boss, reward chest is spawned. Each player can take the reward once.