Ganesha's ruins

Stage 1

Phase 1

– In this stage you need to build a statue placed in the center of the stage


To build the statue you need statue pieces

You can get the pieces this way:
 1. Kill all monters in the area

2. Pick a gold key and open a door

3. Click to crystal and destroy spawned stone


4. Repeat these steps until the statue is built

Phase 2

After the statue is built, 4 bosses are spawned.

Kill them all in determinated time to drop a key and open last door. If you wont kill them in determinated time, you failed!

Stage 2

In this stage kill boss first, it has enormous HP regeneration!

After you kill the boss, all monsters are killed, Ganesha is spawned after 10 seconds.

You can damage Ganesha for a limited time. Then, stones are spawned and Ganesha has ultra high defense.

After you destroy all stones, Ganesha’s defense returns to normal value. You have again limited time to damage it with full DMG.

You can use this item to extend the time to damage the boss