Andun temple

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo
  • All timers and other settings are easy to set in LIB file of the dungeon
  • C++ required

New feature - Soul mana system

  • Timer is activated in the dungeon
  • It has set defined time (15 minutes be default)
  • If the mana goes to 0, dungeon is over no matter what stage or task
  • The mana can be supplied with 2 potions

Dungeon info:

Stage 1

  • Kill all monsters
  • Kill boss

Stage 2

  • Destroy a stone to get an item to open a gate to next room (Do this 3x until you open all gates)
       – You need to unlock the gates in exact order, the gates can be spawned randomly (Or it doesnt have to). If you open a wrong gate, destroy the stone again.
  • Activate a monument in a room
  • Kill all monsters
  • Kill boss from previous stage
  • Kill main boss of this floor

Stage 3

  • Find correct stone to get an item (8 stones are spawned)
  • Use the item to spawn a wave of monsters
  • Kill all monsters to drop an item
  • Use the item to transform statue of the boss into an actual boss
  • Kill the boss

Stage 4

  • You have to finish this floor in limited time (5 minutes in default)
       – Otherwise you will loose some mana time (5 minutes by default)
  • Monument is spawned, destroy it in 3 phases
  • Kill all monsters to get an item and destroy the monument
       – Each wave of monsters is harder
  • Destroy 5x stone
  • Kill a boss

Stage 5

  • Destroy 4 pillars in exact order
       – The position of the pillars can be random (or it doesnt have to be)
       – If you destroy wrong pillar, repeat the task
  • 1. pillar – Kill all monsters
  • 2. pillar – Destroy a stone
  • 3. pillar – Kill all monsters
  • 4. pillar – Destroy 6x stone
  • Kill a boss

Stage 6

  • Find and destroy correct stone (8 stones are spawned)
       – For each wrong stone you will get negative points. The more negative points you have, the more HP will the final boss has
  • KIll all monsters to be able to pick up a symbol
  • Pick up a symbol and activate a seal
       – If your mana is under 10 minutes, you have to kill random boss from previous floors
  • Main boss is spawned, you have to kill him or damage him in limited time (3 minutes by default)
  • A protection pillar is spawned, destroy it in limited time (3 minutes by default)
       – If you won’t destroy the pillar in the limited time, you will  lose a time from mana
       – You can still kill the boss if you can do it before the time for the pillar is over
  • Pick up a reward