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Christmas halls dungeon

Christmas halls – Dungeon

Christmas halls

  • If you want to get this dungeon, it is possible only with your server logo

Dungeon info:

1. Floor

  • You need to go to speak with Christmas orc
  • 4 gold gifts are spawned
  • Kill monsters until you find 4 items to open the gifts
  • When you have 4 gifts, go back to Christmas orc

2. Floor

  • You need to open a seal in 3 phases
  • Kill all monsters to spawn a stone
  • Drop an item from the stone in defined time to destroy part of the seal
  • Repeat that 3x until the seal is destroyed
     – You have less time for every next stone, if you wont destroy it, you failed
  • Key and first boss is spawned
  • You are not able to pick the key until the boss is dead
  • Open a door

3. Floor

  • Speak with npc
  • 4 stones are spawned. 1 of them is without negative mission, 3 of them have special additional mission. Each stone has different mission
  • Additional missions
    1. Kill one more wave of monsters
    2. Kill 4 bosses from previous floor
    3. Destroy 10x stone from previous floor
  • If you destroy a stone with negative mission, you have automatically less time to kill final boss
  • When you finish the additional mission, wave of monsters is spawned, kill them to get an item
  • Use this item to decorate a christmas tree in the room
  • Kill a final boss in defined time (The time is different and depend on destroyed stone in the beggining of this floor)
  • After the final boss si killed, you have defined time (30 sec by deafult) to put socks and exchange it for gifts